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Tackling Obesity, with a balloon?

What and how much you eat as well as the exercise you do should always be the mainstay to weight management and getting fit. BUT what if you already have the dreaded obesity-related conditions that we all know is harmful to your health? Should surgery be considered next or is there something else that does not involve cutting? Sure there is! is the Gastric Balloon! and as always, SHARE it with anyone you think could benefit from this information! Enjoy!

5 point summary

  • Obesity-related conditions: heart disease, sleep apnea, non-alcohol fatty liver disease, cancer, osteoarthritis.
  • Diet and exercise are always first!
  • The gastric balloon is inflated in the stomach with an endoscope in minimal time.
  • The gastric balloon works by taking up space and slowing the motility of the stomach.
  • It is for people with obesity-related conditions and a BMI 30-40 and in some cases above 40
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